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Students honored as ‘Future Innovators’ at CES 2020

On the closing day of CES 2020, its producer, the Consumer Technology Association — in partnership with the education technology company Everfi — honored Clark County High School students at the “Future Innovators: Student Business Pitch Competition” event.


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Giving Back

HEARTS DOWN UNDER: Aussie members of Venetian headliners Human Nature band together to aid relief efforts toward fires ravaging their homeland

When the boys from Human Nature were back home in Australia in late November and early December, the smoke was everywhere.

“It was just extraordinary,” Toby Hall says. “The color of the sky was red and the smoke was just everywhere. I’d wake up in the morning in the hotel room thinking, ‘What if I left something on? Is something burning?’ But it just turns out the smoke is infiltrating everywhere.”

Hall thought he could get away from it for a little while, at least, in a movie matinee. Half an hour into Joker, the smoke had taken over the theater, too. The bushfires had already been burning since September. They’re still raging, affecting a staggering 41,000 square miles and killing, according to a University of Sydney estimate, a billion animals.