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WHAT DREAMER MAY COME: An immigrant toddler matures into an up-and-coming Vegas hospitality dynamo

What is the All-American Story? We are passionately, divisively — nay, acrimoniously — debating that in this country, writ large. Perhaps it would help to narrow the focus and examine it, writ small. That brings us to Maria Miranda: The All-American Story.


A WOMAN’S PLACE IS IN THE KITCHEN … INDUSTRY: Achieving gender parity in culinary management/ownership propels new Vegas-based Women’s Hospitality Initiative

Never mind shattering the glass ceiling of gender disparity in the culinary industry when even the first one or two rungs of the ladder are broken. A startling fact supports that troubling notion: Although women make up about 50 percent of culinary school graduates, only 7 percent of head chefs and restaurant owners in the country are women, according to 2014 Bloomberg Research. Working to study the disparity and accelerate the development of women in the restaurant and hospitality industry is the newly formed Women’s Hospitality Initiative (WHI). The organization is made up of prominent entrepreneurs and executives from Las Vegas’ food and beverage industry, including cofounder Elizabeth Blau, a longtime restaurateur/consultant and founder/CEO of restaurant development company Blau & Associates.


Sports Rewind

VEGAS OUTLAWS’ X-CELLENT ADVENTURE: On the cusp of the league’s return (minus Vegas) this month, remembering our XFL debut

Super Bowl XXXV ended around about 10 minutes to 7 in Las Vegas on the night of Jan. 28, 2001, as the Ray Lewis-led Baltimore Ravens slowly smothered the New York Giants over the course of three-plus hours at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium.


Vegas on TV

Where to find Vegas on your TV, Feb. 14-20

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Sugartime (YouTube): Happy Valentine’s Day/89th birthday to longtime Vegas sweetie/resident Phyllis McGuire, a legend in this city, both for her persona-around-town and …

You Say It's Your Birthday!

February celebrity celebrations

Feb. 7: County kingpin and Vegas regular Garth Brooks rings up birthday No. 58. When it comes to Garth on the Strip, tomorrow always comes.


February milestones

Travel in time from 1954 to 2019 through the milestone events in February that shaped Las Vegas.