2018 tourism stats and facts

Tourism’s impact on Southern Nevada in 2018 was brought into vivid focus at the June 11 meeting of the board of directors of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (which produces Las Vegas Newswire).

Jeremy Aguero, principal financial analyst with the firm Applied Analysis, laid out statistics that illustrate how the industry economically fuels our region.

“This industry generates more taxes than any other industry by a wide margin, offsetting the tax liability that other businesses and individuals would otherwise have but for this industry,” Aguero told board members.

Following are key highlights of the economic summary for 2018:


  • Visitors: 42.1 million
  • Visitor spending: $34.5 billion
  • Economic impact of tourism on Southern Nevada: $57.6 billion
  • Amount generated in local wages and salary payments: $15.7 billion
  • Employment in Southern Nevada supported by tourism: 367,900 jobs, equal to 41.9 percent of all private employment
  • Convention and meeting attendance:5 million trips accounted for 15.4 percent of all visitors
  • Convention/meetings impact: Supported 67,200 jobs in Southern Nevada, $2.9 billion in wages, and a total economic output of $10.5 billion
  • Impact of Las Vegas Convention Center: Supported approximately 13,100 jobs and $558.6 million in wages, totaling $2 billion in economic impact.
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