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Spotlight: Teresa Ellefritz, Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

“Hospitality Heroes” is a program created by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), in conjunction with the U.S. Travel Association’s National Travel and Tourism Week, celebrated annually in May. The LVCVA (which produces Las Vegas Newswire) and its tourism partners honor employees who deliver superior customer service. Since the program began in 2008, nearly 600 “Hospitality Heroes” have been recognized in Southern Nevada. This series will spotlight the 2019 Hospitality Hero winners.

Hero: Teresa Ellefritz

Employer: Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

Position: Slot Floor Employee

Department: Slot Operations

Years Employed at Gold Coast: 30 

Years lived in Las Vegas: 32 

Hometown: Quincy, Ill.

Comments from supervisor Mark Pacheco:

“Recently, Teresa heard that one of her peers was experiencing some financial challenges due to a serious illness. She took the initiative to seek assistance from her peers to help her fellow team member. The team eagerly pitched in to donate. When asked why she chose to do so, she simply replied, ‘Because we’re a family and that’s just what you do when someone you care about is in need.’”

“On another occasion, I approached Teresa as she was having a conversation with an elderly guest. I overheard the gentleman thanking Teresa for helping him to spend time with his wife that was hospitalized. The guest said he wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. He said that he hadn’t seen her due to transportation issues. He said that when Teresa’s shift was over she gave him a ride to the hospital to allow him time with his wife.”

“When one of our team members was out of work due to a very serious illness, donations were collected on a weekly basis. There again was Teresa showing compassion. She personally delivered those funds to the team member every week. When I think ‘Hospitality Hero,’ I take into consideration the character, ethics and morals of a person. Nothing says more about a person’s character than who they are and how they treat others when they think no one is watching.”




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