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Welcome to the Las Vegas Newswire

Cmon in, online travelers: Las Vegas Newswire is swinging open its digital gates.

All are welcome here, including tourists from around the globe who electrify our local economy by visiting Las Vegas — aka the world’s most luxurious playground — and partake of our hospitality throughout Southern Nevada.

But if, like us, you happily call the Silver State home, Las Vegas Newswire emphasizes an essential component of Southern Nevada life: the tourism industry that is the lifeblood of our economic health. No American city relies on it more than this one and no city’s citizens benefit more from it than we do.

Here’s how:

  • In 2017, tourism provided 391,300 jobs in Southern Nevada, accounting for 41 percent of our workforce.
  • More than 42 million visitors came through, spending an estimated $34.8 billion.
  • Overall, Southern Nevada tourism totaled $58.8 billion in economic impact and $16.4 billion in wages.
  • Last May, McCarran International Airport experienced its busiest month ever with 4.4 million visitors.

OK — stats class is dismissed. What will you find on Las Vegas Newswire? Take a look:

  • Our “Neon Newsbeat” section delivers deep-dive explorations of major local tourism issues, plus briefs and “Hot Happenings” to keep you up to date on the latest developments around town.
  • “Viva Las Vegans” delves into the lives and accomplishments of prominent locals and newsmakers, as well as “Giving Back” stories that detail their charitable endeavors, “Hospitality Heroes,” spotlighting the best of our tourism service workers, and even “Picture Yourself,” which captures notable locals in their candid selfie moments. Plus, check out “Vegas on TV” to find where you can see our town depicted in movies and TV shows each week.
  • “Voices of Vegas” welcomes a variety of perspectives by inviting the movers and shakers of Las Vegas to be our guest columnists so they can tell their stories in their own words. 
  • “Open the Vault” is a smorgasbord of fun features such as our “Timeline,” “Vegas Sports Rewind” and “Las Vegas Quick Quiz,” our “Your Say It’s Your Birthday!” celebrity roundup, and Vegas-themed movie quotes in “They Said What?”
  • While you’re perusing all our offerings, don’t forget to check out the videos accompanying many stories and features.


So c’mon in. Rest your weary Internet browser and stay awhile. Let us entertain you. Let us inform you. Let us surprise you.

To evoke a phase you may have heard, what happens here on Las Vegas Newswire … is a digital, Vegas-baby! blast.



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