Challenge your Vegas knowledge by pondering the following questions:


1) In the movie “Casino,” where was the house used by director Martin Scorsese to film scenes for the home shared by Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone’s characters?

2) How long would it take for one person to spend one night in every Las Vegas hotel room?

3) Approximately how many couples get married in Las Vegas every day?

4) When did the first hotel/casino open in Las Vegas?

5) What was the first Las Vegas show to feature topless showgirls?

6) When was the first slot machine invented?

7) When – and why – did Howard Hughes purchase the Desert Inn?

8) What did Bugsy Siegel name The Flamingo hotel after?


1) The Las Vegas National Golf Club

2) 405 years

3) 150

4) 1906, when the Golden Gate debuted.

5) “Minsky’s Follies,” which debuted at the Dunes on Jan. 10, 1957.

6) In 1899 by Charles Fey, who named it the Liberty Bell, which became the model for all slot machines.

7) In 1968, when he was asked by management to vacate the hotel, where he had been staying since 1966.

8) The long legs of his sweetie, Virginia Hill.

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