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WHAT DREAMER MAY COME: An immigrant toddler matures into an up-and-coming Vegas hospitality dynamo

What is the All-American Story? We are passionately, divisively — nay, acrimoniously — debating that in this country, writ large. Perhaps it would help to narrow the focus and examine it, writ small. That brings us to Maria Miranda: The All-American Story.


TOUCHING DOWN IN VEGAS: Details revealed for NFL Draft on the Strip in April

Snap to, Vegas — we’ve been drafted. In fact, we’re the No. 1 Pick. Now the details of the April 23-25 NFL Draft — where daily visitation is expected in the stratospheric 350,000 range, topping the approximately 300,000 that New Year’s Eve brings to town — have come into sharper formation.

CES 2020

CES Facts and Figures

Big, bigger, biggest — until, that is, it becomes even bigger.

Those may be the most apt descriptors for the CES convention, the world’s (yes) biggest consumer technology showcase. (Think of it as The Convention That Ate Las Vegas.) Four decades of partnership between the tradeshow and the city have made it one of our longest-lasting relationships, its run far exceeding any hit shows on the Strip.

Following is a primer on the history and highlights of CES (which is not open to the public). Produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), this year’s confab — now in its 53rd year — opens Jan. 7 and continues through Jan. 10.