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C’MON BABY, LIGHT MY SIGNAGE: As the company that makes the signs that define Vegas to the world, YESCO marks a century of lighting us up

Age?  Ageless. The lady — or Vegas Vicki, as the entire globe knows her — doesn’t look a day over Sexy. That’s true even when she’s plopped on her curvalicious backside on a warehouse floor — and a temporary amputee, awaiting reattachment surgery on that famously kicky gam, idling beside her.  

Chillax, all you Mr. DeMilles. She’ll be ready for her closeup, when the bodacious, glowing cow-lass who once vamped atop the ex- Glitter Gulch rematerializes in the lobby of the upcoming Circa Resort downtown — all a-glowin’ and a-kickin’ over a three-story atrium — come this December. There’s no way that YESCO — as in the Young Electric Sign Company, the signage surgeons supervising her techno-touch-ups — allows anything less.

That includes reconstruction of her, um … booty. Permit us to clarify: As created by the Ad Art company in 1980, the beauteous babe was originally posed on rocks. Now YESCO is cutting away the rocks and rebuilding her natural hind-quarter charms. That is just one of the countless, blazingly-lit charms bestowed on Vegas by YESCO, which is based in Salt Lake City but staked its fortunes in our town.

“So many marvelous, wonderful people worked so hard and labored so many years to build an organization that has stood the test of time,” says YESCO’s Senior Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Young — yes, THAT Young, as in the multigenerational owner-clan of the company’s title.  “The core of what we believe, this sense of stewardship and responsibility for the company, is really a strong foundation that we can stand on. How many organizations that were here in 1920 are still here today?”

Doing the math? Then you know that’s 100 years in business — a genuine centennial — dating back to March 20, 1920.  

“If I were standing in front of the city, I would have a hard time choking back the tears. As a family we cannot begin to express the gratitude,” says a reflective Young — he’s Generation No. 3 of the Utah-bred family of signage swamis, with several members of Generation 4 already onboard — at the Las Vegas plant on Cameron Street.

“The people who built this city from a lonely train stop to what it is today, it is a magnificent representation of what mankind can create if they put their mind to it. And we have been participants, involved in projects that have, in some cases, stood the test of time.”

Try imagining Vegas without YESCO. …  It’s a no-go. Know why? Because Vegas without YESCO is like Santa Claus in a gray flannel suit. By some estimates, YESCO can claim partial or total responsibility for around 80 percent of the stylishly compelling, supernova-bright signage that, by several accounts, transforms nighttime Vegas — particularly the Strip — into the brightest spot on Earth as seen from space.

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