In the 1997 movie "Con Air," the plane’s left wing nearly shears off the top of the famous Fender Stratocaster guitar sign at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The Hard Rock hosted the movie’s premiere. (Darrin Bush/Las Vegas News Bureau)
Vegas on TV

BEHIND THE CAMERA: ‘Con Air’ features one of Vegas’ most memorable movie moments

Shakespearean, it isn’t — but perhaps the Bard would have penned this line had he ever gotten his ya-yas out at TAO or Beacher’s Madhouse: …

Sports Rewind

MEAD FOR SPEED: Donald Campbell breaks his own water-speed record on Lake Mead, Nov. 16, 1955

Think of him as the ultimate do-it-yourself-er: There’s no one else’s record to break? Then just break your own. And so British land/water speed racer …

Hot Happenings

SALT-N-PEPA SHAKEUP: Strip scene gets an electrifying injection of dance-party passion from ‘I Love the ’90s – The Vegas Show’

Remember when the president’s name was … Clinton? So does I Love the 90s — The Vegas Show. With a vengeance. We don’t mean a …