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DIARY OF A MAD MOVIE: Was Vegas-centric ‘Showgirls’ a camp disaster or a cult classic? Or both?

Was it merely bad? Or was it so epically awful … so stupendously stupid … so breathtakingly bizarre …  so toweringly terrible … that it deserves a kind of twisted cinematic canonization?
That debate over Showgirls will never die, and we thank the movie gods for it — because that’s why everything about this landmark stinker is so much fun.

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COPPING A STRAT-TITUDE: ‘Celestia’ production newest addition to rebranded Strat resort

Why is a short blond man in a flame-red sport coat bopping my foot with a rubber mallet while I nibble a cocktail hot dog …


PRAISE UNTO CAESARS: With diverse charitable initiatives, Caesars Entertainment Corp. makes 2019 list of ‘Best Corporate Citizens’

Caesars Entertainment recently made Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s 2019 list of “100 Best Corporate Citizens.” Coming in at No. 72 overall, its inclusion was based on its performance and initiatives in seven categories: environment, climate change, employee relations, human rights, governance, finance and stakeholders, and society. Notable among the Caesars rankings were its placements as 15th on environment and fourth place on climate change, largely attributable to its ambitious goals to cut high levels of greenhouse gas emissions.