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Celeb celebrations: August

Big breath, now, and blow out the candles … No, we mean a REALLY big breath, because if you combine the ages of these venerable Vegas celebrities, headliners and power brokers, the communal birthday cake for August will have a whopping 1,061 candles on it! Or, if you can’t wield that kind of lung power, it breaks down thusly:

8/4: Vroom-vroom-VROOM! Speed racer and Vegas native Kurt Busch hits the gas toward his 40th birthday.

8/5: Show The Guv some luvour chief exec Brian Sandoval turns 55. 

8/8: Connie Stevens, aka Cricket Blake in “Hawaiian Eye,” says aloha to birthday No. 80.

8/14: Tut-tut, now. King of comedy Steve Martin welcomes a wild and crazy 73rd birthday.

We salute Madonna on her 60th birthday, August 16. CREDIT: Brian Jones/Las Vegas News Bureau

8/16: Take a “Holiday” to ring in a big one for Madonna: her 60th birthday. (Yes. We’re also trying to wrap our heads around that one.)

8/20:  We’re hoping Robert Plant is “In the Mood” to mark his 70th birthday.

8/20:  Pulling no punches about his age, boxing promoter Don King (and his hair) comes out swinging for birthday No. 87.

8/21: Remember to “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” for Jackie DeShannon, who moves on to age 74.

8/21: If you give Kenny Rogers any money for his Big 80th birthday, he promises not to count it while he’s sitting at the table. (They’ll be time enough for counting when the birthday’s done.)

8/22: Schlemiel, Schlamazel: “Laverne and Shirley” pixie and drop-in “Menopause the Musical” star Cindy Williams keeps skipping along at age 71. 

8/23: Let’s hope he’s still not pining away for “Jessie’s Girl” when former “EFX” headliner Rick Springfield reaches age 69.

8/23: We hope we don’t insult him by revealing that insult comic supreme/Vegas headliner Vinnie Favorito turns 58.

8/25: C’mon, for No. 69, why don’t you give a little smooch — you know, a KISS – to Gene Simmons?

Shania Twian rode into Las Vegas for her first residency in 2012. CREDIT: Darrin Bush/Las Vegas News Bureau

8/28: Celebrating No. 53, ex-Caesars Palace top-liner Shania Twain feels more like a woman than she ever has, though we hope she no longer worries about whose bed those boots have been under.

8/29: Curtain up – it’s showtime for the 49th birthday of Vegas theater impresario/producer David Saxe.

8/31: Do a little Moondance for Van Morrison’s 73rd birthday.



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