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Celeb celebrations: September

How about a big ol’ Vegas-style birthday hug for these big-name birthday babies who have made their mark on the Entertainment Capital of the World.

9/1: Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga for Gloria Estefan’s 61st birthday.

9/1: We’re betting Barry Gibb can still spike your Night Fever at age 72.

9/1: Dial up a whole lotta ringy-dingies for the 79th birthday of Lily Tomlin.

9/2: Boxer Lennox Lewis takes a swing at birthday No. 53.

9/2: We’re hoping that at age 68, Jimmy Connors can still rush the net with style.

9/3: What are the odds that Beach Boy Al Jardine is spending his 76th birthday down in Kokomo?

9/4: All hail the Queen Bey: Beyonce rules the hive at age 37.

9/5: Sex appeal can be ageless, as exemplified by Raquel Welch at age 78.

Comedian Bob Newhart performs at the Riviera in 1976. (Lee McDonald/Las Vegas News Bureau)

9/5: Hi Bob! That’s all you need to say to wish iconic comic Bob Newhart a happy 89th birthday.

9/6: Wish a soulful, rhythm-and-bluesy 51st birthday to Macy Gray.

9/8: This singer is tickled Pink to celebrate No. 39.

9/9: Those silky pipes of crooner Michael Buble only get silkier at age 43.

9/11: A birthday missive from Harry and Sally, who cinematically met to the melodies of this musician extraordinaire: Happy No. 51, Harry Connick Jr.

9/11: Give a shout-out — electronica style, of course — to Moby on his 53rd birthday.

9/11: Classic Vegas doesn’t get much more classic than forever-sexy Lola Falana, who turns 76.

9/13: Age only goes in one direction, and for One Direction member Niall Horan, that direction next hits No. 25.

9/16: Magician-supreme David Copperfield presto-changes into a 62-year-old Vegas mainstay.

9/19: Send a bunch of X’s and O’s Trisha Yearwood’s way as she celebrates turning 54.

9/19: Sing Paul Williams an old-fashioned, 78th birthday song, coming down in three-part harmony.

9/19: Turning 78, Bill Medley of The Righteous Brothers is still having the time of his life.

9/21: On her 51st birthday, Faith Hill remains one of country music’s classiest superstars.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts at Brooklyn Bowl in 2017. (Sam Morris/Las Vegas News Bureau)

9/22: Love hurts. Birthdays shouldn’t. That’s our message to Joan Jett as she celebrates No. 60.

9/23: Yes, Bruce Springsteen was born in the USA — specifically, in Long Branch, N.J. —  69 years ago today.

9/23: Try counting up all the girls Julio Iglesias has loved before over his now-75 years.

9/26: At age 70, Olivia Newton-John is forever the one that we want.

9/27: Hey, how about a 36th birthday rap, Lil’ Wayne?

9/29: Goodness, gracious, Great Balls of Fiery Birthday Candles — and 83 of them should make quite a bonfire — for Jerry Lee Lewis.

9/29: Congratulate consummate Vegas crooner Matt Goss, who sings his way to birthday No. 50.

9/29: Hickory-dickory dock, it’s No. 61 on the clock for that naughty nursery-rhyme-spouting Vegas regular Andrew Dice Clay.

9/30: Chances are you’ll have to convince us that forever-youthful Johnny Mathis is actually 83 years young.


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