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LIVIN’ LA ‘VIVA’ LOCA: Inside the Fremont Street Experience $32 million upgrade of ‘Viva Vision’ to an even bigger, brighter, bolder blowout

Add a few more Vs to “Viva Vision,” the world’s largest single LED screen under the canopy at the Fremont Street Experience: vital, vivid and vibrant — and unmistakably Vegas.

The result of an ambitious $32 million upgrade which began in May, the screen is seven times brighter and four times the previous resolution. Oblivious to the sun’s bright rays, it will run 24/7, something that wasn’t possible with the deteriorating lights of the old screen, last updated for $17 million in 2004.

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People mover project officially gets moving as tunneling commences at Las Vegas Convention Center

With a mere button press, Las Vegas literally tunneled its way into history at the Las Vegas Convention Center by triggering a potential “Kitty Hawk-type moment.”

Well, Wright on, Vegas!

“This community should take pride in what we’re doing here today,” said Steve Hill, CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA, which produces Las Vegas Newswire) on Nov. 15. That’s when his finger-push on the start button helped kick The Boring Company’s giant drill into action in a 44-foot-wide pit dwelling 42 feet below the surface to begin tunneling out the convention center’s new $52.5 million underground people-mover transportation system.

And it’s when Hill declared his hope that history will eventually record it as a moment in the same realm as when Orville and Wilbur pioneered modern aviation.

Best of 2019 NomineeFeatures

PAR-SIGHTED VISION: PGA Golf Management Program at UNLV aims at all of the sport’s hospitality potential

A sage knows that age isn’t just a state of mind. It’s a state of play. Assuming the sage swings a mean five-iron — whatever their age.

“Now you’re going to throw a little ball into that trashcan over there,” says the college student pretending to be a teacher, trying to teach other college students pretending to be 7-year-olds.