August milestones

Here are the hot historical happenings in Las Vegas in August through the years.


BUILT BY ASSOCIATION: Nevada Film Office helps keep Vegas on screens large and small

Before Las Vegas’ neon can glitter and glow on screens large (movies) or small (television, tablet computer, smartphone), the Las Vegas-based Nevada Film Office — which was created as the state’s Motion Picture Division in 1983 — and its director, Eric Preiss, are working to get contracts signed, regulatory hurdles cleared and local personnel hired and involved. Judging by the numbers, they’re pretty good at it. Since 2013, there have been more than 2,700 productions welcomed to the state, raking in nearly $355 million in revenue, based on local spending figures reported to the film office. And of the last seven years in which numbers have been tracked for film permits, 2018 reached a high of 782 permits granted.