READING IS THE GOOOAAALLL!: Las Vegas Lights FC program makes reading a kick for local students

“Does anyone know what a tailgate is?” asks the spokeswoman for our local soccer team, the Las Vegas Lights FC, addressing about 250 potential tailgaters of tomorrow. “That’s what you call a party before a sports game!”

That slapping sound you hear is just Assistant Principal Rob Rosenblatt’s palms connecting with his forehead as a giddy mass of third-to-fifth-graders in the Ernest J. May Elementary School lunchroom gets a lesson in the A-B-C’s of partaaay-heartiness.

So, Sports Tailgating 101 isn’t normally an element of grade-school curriculums? Fear not, parents: Rosenblatt’s playful grin gives away his good humor because this is all for a good — correction, vital — cause:

“We want to encourage you to keep pushing yourself, do even more — read even more,” Las Vegas Lights Community Relations Manager Tia Coward tells the kids at this traveling “Reading Goals” assembly, one of many the professional team stages at elementary and middle schools valley-wide, to encourage literacy among schoolkids.  

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