ELEMENTARY, MY DEAR NEVADA: Neon is declared ‘official state element’ in glowing tribute

Naming neon an official representative of Nevada seems like a no-brainer in retrospect, given the gas’ long, storied history in the state. “Our neon signs represent some of the real, legendary, maverick personalities that shaped our state,” says Will Durham, a Carson City schoolteacher, neon-sign preserver and director of the nonprofit Nevada Neon Project. says. “Our signs are really Nevada’s contribution to architecture.”


CASEY & THE SUNSHINE GIRL: Las Vegas Car Stars showman Paul Casey cherishes the memory of the young daughter he just laid to rest

Spiritually, Jobyna’s profound impact on her dad hovers over his 10th annual Las Vegas Car Stars event May 9-11th. Created by Casey, a special events producer/performer who bills himself as “the king of Las Vegas entertainment,” the three-day blowout is a splashy pop-culture revel.

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IT’S RAINING MENTORS: Sports mentorship program, pairing students with marketing pros, graduates first class

The six-month Sports Mentorship Program graduated its first class of 28 students at UNLV’s Mendenhall Center on April 23. Its inaugural success depended on an impressive team of accomplished sports-marketing leaders who served as mentors, including professionals from the Las Vegas Raiders, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Caesars Entertainment Corp., MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas Aces, Vegas Golden Knights and others.