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Celebrity Chef Giada De Laurentiis drops in on local students

WATCH: Stepping out of the kitchen and into the lives of local students, celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis, who operates restaurants at Caesars Palace and The Cromwell, paid a visit to the Jan Jones Blackhurst Elementary School in Las Vegas on May 10, 2019.


ELEMENTARY, MY DEAR NEVADA: Neon is declared ‘official state element’ in glowing tribute

Naming neon an official representative of Nevada seems like a no-brainer in retrospect, given the gas’ long, storied history in the state. “Our neon signs represent some of the real, legendary, maverick personalities that shaped our state,” says Will Durham, a Carson City schoolteacher, neon-sign preserver and director of the nonprofit Nevada Neon Project. says. “Our signs are really Nevada’s contribution to architecture.”

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DECADES OF DYNAMISM: Reflecting on the Las Vegas Convention Center on its 60th anniversary

Since its inaugural convention in 1959, the Las Vegas Convention Center has racked up six decades of hosting visitors, from diploma-waving Las Vegas graduates to nuclear code-bearing American presidents. Between those ends of the spectrum have been millions of trade-show conventioneers and their confabs sending multimillion-dollar streams of revenue flowing into the coffers of Las Vegas. Now, amid its ambitious $1.4 billion expansion project that is expected to catapult Las Vegas years ahead of its convention competition, the future looks to be fertile ground for many more memorable — and historical — moments.