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July celebrity celebrations

This month’s celebrity birthdays:

July 7: When he gets older, losing his hair, many years from now. Will we still be sending him a valentine? Birthday greetings? Bottle of wine? Yes, Ringo Starr, we will still need you, we will still feed you, now that you’re 79.

July 7: At age 53, Vegas comedy regular Jim Gaffigan still reels off the punch lines, like this one: “Whenever you are single, all you see are couples, but whenever you are a couple, all you see are hookers.”

July 8: Upon turning 84, beloved Vegas entertainer Steve Lawrence recently announced to the world that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. However, in typical fashion, he did it with class in a statement in which he implored fans to “find the joy every day, because what I feel is gratitude, love and hope – nothing more and nothing less, and I hope you can find the same.”

July 8: Get ready to light candles for the Big 7-0 for restaurateur and Vegas staple Wolfgang Puck. Think we should dare to bake him a cake — or just get him one of those supermarket pastries?

July 12: The outside world knew him as “Uncle Miltie.” The industry called him “The Thief of BadGags.” Either way, we all loved Milton Berle, who left us in 2002. He blessed us with a legacy of laughs that included countless memorable Miltie moments on Vegas stages.

July 12: Thunder only happens when it’s raining. Players only love you when they’re playing. But we love 76-year-old Christine McVie all the time, particularly when she takes a Vegas stage with Fleetwood Mac.

July 13: Will Cheech Marin, half of the legendary drug-comedy duo Cheech and Chong, celebrate birthday No. 73 with cake or a joint? Both are legal now.

July 13: Chef/humanitarian Jose Andres hits the half-century mark. Celebrate his 50th birthday by treating yourself at any of his three restaurants at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (Jaleo, E or China Poblano) or at SLS Las Vegas (Bazaar Meat). 

July 15: She’s so good, she’s so good, she’s so good, baby, she’s so gooooood. And always will be. Wishing a joyous 73rd birthday to sweet songbird Linda Ronstadt.

 July 17: Phyllis Diller was outrageous, uproarious and a Vegas treasure up until the moment we lost her in 2012. Her final nightclub standup routine was at our own Suncoast hotel-casino in 2002. We know that wherever she is now, she’s cuddled up with her beloved “husband,” Fang.

July 18: Before author Hunter S. Thompson left this earthly plane in 2005, he gifted us with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. What city could ask for anything more?

July 20: Are we sure timeless guitar god/House of Blues at Mandalay Bay headliner Carlos Santana is 72? Maybe we’ve got that backward and he’s really 27. That seems way more logical, based on his bottomless energy at making musical magic.  

July 21: He was Mork from Ork. He was Aladdin’s genie. He wished us “Gooooooooood morning” from Vietnam. He was Robin Williams. We lost him in 2014. And we’ll never really get over it.

July 21: We be thinkin’ that the brilliant “I Be Thinkin’” comic brain of George Wallace is turning 67. And you’ve got lots of opportunities to wish him well in person — just drop into his show at the Westgate all summer long.

July 22: Just for laughs — lots of ’em — go see David Spade when the comedian visits the Mirage Oct. 4 and 5, and while you’re at it, wish him a Happy Double-Nickel. The ex-Saturday Night Live player is 55

July 24: French restaurateur Guy Savoy turns a delectable 66 as his Caesars Palace eatery continues to serve up his signature delectable dishes.

July 24: She gave Vegas all she had in her residency production, All I Have. The least we can do is wish Jennifer Lopez a happy milestone 50th birthday — and marvel at how she defies and redefines the notion of aging.

July 26: We must get some satisfaction over the fact that Mick Jagger got through recent heart surgery and is back on stage, healthily celebrating birthday No. 76.

July 27: Once the Happiest Mayor in America — and current Happiest First Husband in America to the current Las Vegas mayor, Carolyn Goodman — the honorable Oscar Goodman marks his 80th birthday, no doubt with his signature Bombay Gin in one hand and showgirls at his side. Now serving as the host committee chairman of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (which produces Las Vegas Newswire), the man remains the indefatigable symbol of fun-loving Las Vegas. 

July 29: Give a 53rd birthday shout-out to country songbird Martina McBride when you go see her on Aug. 3 at the M Resort in Henderson.

July 30: Former Bally’s comedy headliner Tom Green once said: “I like keeping people guessing. I like to have fun with them wondering if I’m sane or not.” He is now 48 years old. We’re still wondering.


— Steve Bornfeld

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