You Say It's Your Birthday!

September celebrity celebrations

Sept. 1: Given how much she’s shaken up Vegas stages (she’s on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars, after all), come on, you can shake your body baby, do the conga for Gloria Estefan’s 62nd birthday.

Sept. 1: We’re betting Barry Gibb — who’s still honored nearly every night at Excalibur’s sparkling tribute, the Australian Bee Gees Show — can still spike your Night Fever at age 73.

Sept. 1: Dial up a whole lotta ringy-dingies for the 80th birthday of Lily Tomlin, who has graced Reynolds Hall at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

Sept. 2: Boxer Lennox Lewis — who has taken his shares of jabs and endured his share of knocks in Vegas rings — takes a swing at birthday No. 54.

Sept. 2: We’re hoping that at age 69Jimmy Connors — who thrilled the crowds at Caesars Palace with some electrifying matches in the mid-1970s— can still rush the net with style.

Sept. 3: What are the odds that Al Jardine, who has spent his fair share of time here in the desert with the original Beach Boys, is enjoying his 77th birthday down in Kokomo?

Sept. 4: Sharp-tongued and hilarious as ever, observational comic/Vegas vet-at-the-Venetian Whitney Cummings turns 37. Vintage Whitney: “I don’t get what is so cool about dating DJs. That’s like dating a valet because he drives a nice car.”

Sept. 4: All hail the Queen Bey: Beyonce rules the hive at age 38. Who knows, we may be only a few years away from it becoming a national holiday.

Sept. 5: Sex appeal can be ageless, as exemplified by Raquel Welch — who made her nightclub debut at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1973 — at age 79.

Sept. 5: Hi Bob! That’s all you need to say to wish iconic comic Bob Newhart — a legendary Vegas headliner who made his Smith Center debut at age 87 in 2016 —  a happy 90th birthday.

Sept. 6: Wish a soulful, rhythm-and-bluesy 52nd birthday to Macy Gray, who recorded her classic album, Live in Las Vegas, at the House of Blues.

Sept. 6: You might be a redneck — or just a good-natured fan — if you wish Venetian headliner Jeff Foxworthy a festive 61st birthday. Here’s one just for the heck of it: “You might be a redneck if your ironing board doubles as a buffet table.”

Sept 7: The first of the Rat Packers to leave us, Peter Lawford — actor, bon vivant, Kennedy in-law and Sinatra confidant — died in 1984 at age 61. But his greatest Vegas legacy may be as the person who bought the films rights to the original 1960 Ocean’s Eleven, spawning a classic Vegas film and, years later, an entire revival trilogy. That’s a Rat Pack Fact, Jack.

Sept. 8: This singer/T-Mobile Arena drop-in is tickled Pink to celebrate No. 40.

Sept. 9: Those silky pipes of crooner Michael Bublé — another T-Mobile Arena stage-taker — only get silkier at age 44.

Sept. 11: A birthday missive from Harry and Sally, who cinematically met to the melodies of this musician extraordinaire: Happy No. 52, Harry Connick Jr, who’s been known to tickle the ivories and your ears at the Encore Theater at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Sept. 11: Give a shout-out — electronica style, of course — to Moby on his 54th birthday, as the talented musician has been known to trod the stage at Hakkasan at MGM Grand.

Sept. 11: Classic Vegas doesn’t get much more classic than forever-sexy Lola Falana — the former MGM Grand/Aladdin/Sands/Riviera headliner and onetime highest paid female performer in town — who turns 77.

Sept. 13: Age only goes in one direction, and for Niall Horan, that direction next hits No. 26 as a member of One Direction, which has prowled some Vegas stages (dancing, very athletically, in multiple directions seemingly at once).

Sept. 13: No doubt that celebrity chef Alain Ducasse can savor the flavor of turning 63 as he oversees the delicacies at Rivea at Delano Las Vegas.

Sept: 13: With deep affection, we remember Mel Torme, who died in 1999 at age 73. But his Vegas legacy remains eternal, as evidenced by a road named for him near Treasure Island hotel-casino. Just be careful driving there, as it’s always enshrouded in a “Velvet Fog.”

Sept. 16: Magician-supreme David Copperfield presto-changes into a 63-year-old Vegas mainstay. As the MGM Grand illusionist knows, the hand is quicker than the eye — but the calendar seems to go by quicker than either of them.

Sept. 17: Vegas vet Rita Rudner turns 66 and is still turning out the quips. Classic Rudner: “I was going to have cosmetic surgery until I noticed that the doctor’s office was full of portraits by Picasso.”

Sept. 19: Send a bunch of X’s and O’s Trisha Yearwood’s way as she celebrates turning 55 as one of T-Mobile Arena’s stable of visiting stars.

Sept. 19: Sing Paul Williams an old-fashioned, 79th birthday song, coming down in three-part harmony, as a tribute to his days in front of Vegas crowds.

Sept. 19: Turning 79Bill Medley of The Righteous Brothers is still having the time of his life, performing with Bucky Heard at Harrah’s Las Vegas.

Sept. 21: On her 52nd birthday, Faith Hill remains one of country music’s classiest superstars, who left her mark on Vegas with hubby Tim McGraw in their Soul2Soul residency. 

Sept. 22: Love hurts. Birthdays shouldn’t. That’s our message to Joan Jett as she celebrates No. 61. Send her best wishes when she drops into town with Heart at the Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms hotel-casino on Sept. 8.

Sept. 23: Yes, Bruce Springsteen was born in the USA — specifically, in Long Branch, N.J. —  70 years ago today. During those decades, he’s dropped into Vegas a few times. Who’s to say he wasn’t born to run back here soon?

Sept. 23: Try counting up all the girls Julio Iglesias has loved before over his now-76 years. As he once told a local reporter, he loved them — and we mean that in the literal, biblical sense — before and after his concerts at Caesars Palace. Never let it be said the man doesn’t really mean what he sings. 

Sept. 25: She was gone too soon — in 1996 at age 59 — but dancer extraordinaire Juliet Prowse made magical memories on Las Vegas stages.

Sept. 26: At age 71Olivia Newton-John, a forever Vegas favorite thanks to her residency at the Flamingo, is forever the one that we want.

Sept. 27: Hey, how about a 37th birthday rap, Lil’ Wayne? You can do it for us at this year’s Life is Beautiful downtown festival on Sept. 20 and 21, along with Chance the Rapper, the Black Keys, Post Malone and Janelle Monae. 

Sept. 29: Goodness, gracious, Great Balls of Fiery Birthday Candles — and 84 of them should make quite a bonfire — for Jerry Lee Lewis, a longtime Vegas fireball whose album, Live at the International, is one of “The Killer’s” most killer albums.

Sept. 29: Congratulate consummate Vegas crooner Matt Goss, who sings his way to birthday No. 51. He also sings his way into your soul Sundays at 1 OAK nightclub at the Mirage hotel-casino through the fall.

Sept. 29: Hickory-dickory dock, it’s No. 62 on the clock for that naughty nursery-rhyme-spouting Vegas regular Andrew Dice Clay, who just finished up at the Trop’s Laugh Factory.

Sept. 30: You’ll laugh out loud at least 54 times — coincidentally, the same number of candles on her birthday cake — when comedian Kathleen Madigan takes the stage at the Mirage on Sept. 20 and Nov. 29.

Sept. 30: Chances are you’ll have to convince us that forever-youthful Johnny Mathis — who brought his Voice of Romance tour to the Smith Center just last yearis actually 84 years young.

— Steve Bornfeld





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