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Vdara unveils robot staffers

Guests at Vdara are now enjoying the latest members of the resort’s service team, Fetch and Jett — a pair of autonomous robots that will deliver snacks and sundries to guest rooms. Built by robot developer Savioke, the robotic twins use advanced technology to navigate around people and objects, prioritize requests and communicate wirelessly with the hotel’s systems — including operating the elevators. When they arrive at the rooms, their lids will automatically unlock so guests can grab their goodies. Then Vdara’s newest employees will return to their docking stations.

“Fetch and Jett are a fun and convenient addition to our team,” said Mary Giuliano, Vdara’s general manager, in a statement. “Guests enjoy the novelty of having their morning coffee and other items delivered by a robot, which frees up time for the rest of the staff to focus their energy on requests that require a higher level of service. We’re committed to creating special experiences for each guest and I’m certain this will be a memorable one.”


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