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Vegas Movie Quips: January 2019

Out of the mouths of movie and TV actors come pearls of … well, if not wisdom, at least amusement. Here are some quips from scripts of TV shows and films connected to Las Vegas.


“What’s wrong with you man? You never step in front of a black man at a buffet line.”
— Det. Carter (Chris Tucker) to Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) in Rush Hour 2 (2001)


“That’s it Clark … Show him who’s boss. It’s people like you who come here and blow the family nest egg that built this town.”
— Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) to Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) in Vegas Vacation (1997)


“Look out penny slots! I have a system. It’s The-Put-All-My-Money-In-You.”
— Dr. Zoidberg (voice of Billy West) in the Futurama episode, Viva Mars Vegas (2012)


“They sashayed down to the barroom / A place where you go chaperoned / Strictly a come-as-you-are-o / And the clientele was stoned / Everyone was juiced / As you may have deduced.”
— A singing Sammy Davis Jr. in Meet Me in Las Vegas (1956)


“If you stay in a hotel that has robes and you don’t steal one, you don’t belong in Vegas.”
— Ronnie (Kim Matula) in a “Tips to Vegas” in-flight promotional video in the TV series LA to Vegas (2018)



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