You’re invited to Las Vegas Lineup

Line up for our Lineup.  That would be Las Vegas Lineup, a collaboration between the Las Vegas News Bureau (which produces Las Vegas Newswire) and Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas. You can behold the 1960s edition of Lineup through March 15 in the Winchester Gallery of the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center at 3130 McLeod Drive.

And you can be a part of aiding the exhibit on Feb. 7 at 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at a free reception and viewing, as we ask both Las Vegas residents and visitors to help us identify people in scores of classic photos going back decades.

Who are those Las Vegans of yesteryear in these pictures? Who are those visitors who dropped in to our fabulous town? Who are those onetime celebrities, many captured in their youthful prime?  

Just leave your guesses and suggestions in a locked, ballot-style box so we can add them to the exhibit at the Winchester Center, which contains new photos not yet seen by the public. Las Vegas Lineup is free and open to the public.

C’mon, help us out: We can use your eagle eyes. You’ll have fun. Lots of it.

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